Location: Lesotho
Profession: Legal Advocacy Specialist
Partner Organization: Habitat for Humanity

Bohlokoa Mokhotho has been disinherited. Bohlokoa was married in January of 1989, and right after marriage her possessions were merged with her husbands. They had two children together. Their eldest daughter passed away from a car accident, and Bohlokoa’s husband passed away a few years later.

She was immediately disinherited from her estate after her husband’s funeral due to the country’s laws. Her in-laws completely isolated her, and all movable and non-movable property was taken. After going to court she was able to regain her estate, but her father-in-law contested the appointment and confiscated everything, stating that the family had held a meeting (in her absence) and agreed that he was the rightful heir of the estate. He fraudulently issued a letter by a brother of the one of the principal chiefs (in the chief’s absence) affirming his claim. Bohlokoa gave up. She made a choice, asking herself:

“Do I keep on fighting a losing battle putting my life at risk? Or should I just give up to preserve the little I have and being the sole survivor of our baby girl?”


Today, she works for Habitat for Humanity Lesotho as an advocacy specialist and is actively working with Habitat’s Solid Ground land advocacy campaign. She is improving access to land for shelter and playing a part in strengthening policy and changing systems so that women in Lesotho will not have to share her experience.

Bohlokoa and Habitat for Humanity Lesotho are located in the nation’s capital, Maseru. Maseru has a population of 253,000 with a population density of 4,277 people per square mile. Many are still fighting for women’s lands rights in Lesotho, with many of the laws having a bias towards the husband’s family or the eldest son.