Location: Nepal
Profession: Landowner

As a landless Nepalese couple, Mrs. Bhadiya and her husband spent many years stricken with poverty and a constant fear of being homeless. However, this all changed, when the couple bought their land and acquired joint land ownership for the first time in their lives. Now with a land title, they feel more empowered than ever before. The couple is now able to sleep calmly in their house knowing that their land rights are secured.

Reflecting on her experience as a landowner, Mrs. Bhadiya says “My stigmatized status of being landless has changed as now I am known as a dignified ‘landowner’ in my neighbourhood. This is because my husband and other family members started to consult at least on how to make better use of my land”.

Before purchasing the land, Mrs. Bhadiya and her husband had to spend a significant share of the income they generated through their shop to pay rent for their land. With the shop now established on their land, their savings has increased significantly. The couple has already started investing back in their business.

“I am planning to broaden my business by borrowing money from the bank by using this land as a collateral. When I shared my plan with my husband he seemed so excited.” While speaking of her business plans, she seemed confident that she would surely get a loan from the bank now that she has the collateral she needs. For Mrs. Bhadiya, “Land has become the reason to value the way I lead my life.”